Father Frank Fagan P.O. Box 667424

Pompano Beach, FL 33066-7424

Mobile: 954-993-1020

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The Old Catholic Church of the Americas is led by a General Episcopal Synod. The day to day church operations are managed by our Presiding Bishop. The Presiding Bishop is assisted by other clergy and laity in the planning, management of the church.


We are a tradition rich in progressive Catholic values. Our tradition is rooted in the early days of Jesus and his teachings on peace, love, justice and equality. As a two thousand year old church with Apostolic Succession, our tradition believes that faith is dependent on our actions towards the care of the oppressed. We are a church that worships God by living our faith every day of the week.


We are a Catholic tradition inspired by works of mercy. We gather together to worship God and share God's love in our lives, and to feast on the many blessings through the Eucharistic meal we call Holy Communion.


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